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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 20, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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martin luther king day. i am heather brown. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for starting yao you are day with us. >> great to be here. >> the super bowl match up is set. the seattle seahawks and the denver broncos getting ready to hit the big apple for super bowl 48. first to denver it was tom brady verses payton manning. denver is headed to the super bowl with a final score of 26 to 16. the now to seattle that's where the 49ers face off against the seahaw seahawks. last chance for san francisco he looks to michael crab tree in the end zone but it is broken up by richard sherman and picked off. seattle wins 27-17. he goes with a rant to michael crab tree. >> i am the guest one in the
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game. that's the result you are going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> well crab tree responded by saying that sherman made one good play. he went on to say he's a tv guy. i am not a tv guy. i play ball. >> match is done. with the super bowl set all eyes are on new york. super bowl 48 airs on fox sunday february 2nd from met life stadium in new jersey. >> in other news new terror threats targeting the so muchi olympics. are we doing enough for the americans making the trip. the mounting concerns about security. good morning doug? >> winter olympics are less than three weeks away and they have a threat.
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we have still images from the terror video that pro ports to show two suicide bombers responsible for some of the attacks that rocked russia in the run up of the games. the men islamic militants from russia's north caucuses promise their group will target events in sochi targeting tourists. the russian military aggressively targeting terrorist groups. vladmir putin is confident in the preparations. >> you try to make sure that security measures don't jump at you are not in your face do not put pressure on the athletes or visitors or reporters. >> but for the united states it certainly does raise the stakes for athletes and participants. wall street journal is reporting the fbi is only sending 40 agents to work with russian counterparts for the game that
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is less than the numbers fbi sent in previous games. >> doug luzader live in washington. thank you. a fox news lart. new overnight an american missionary held prisoner in north korea makes an urgent plea for help. kenneth by surfaced for what he called a press conference held at his own request. he led 2012 by leading school groups. they sentenced him to 15 years hard labor. bae says he hopes the u.s. is doing whatever it can for his relief. >> amping up the anti-american rhetoric demanding an end to u.s. air strikes before he will confer signing a security troop. this as a third american killed during a deadly americterror ats identified.
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he's science professor at the american university of afghaned in kabul. he was killed friday when a homicide bomber set off a blast outside of a restaurant. two other americans were killed. 18 others died in that attack. a landmark deal with iran begins u.n. inspectors confirming the country halted the most sensitive nuclear activity and is diluting the stockpile of uranium. the tehran agreed to curb the program in exchange for a lift of economic sanctions. the move will stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon p. the temporary deal lasts six months as they attempt to hammer out a final plan. >> several parjs who s-- passen who survived last summer's asian gnaw crash is suing boeing the maker of that plane. they claim some of the equipment was inadequately installed.
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the lawsuit also says boeing knew or should have known the pilots were not properly trained. three passengers died and 180 were injured in that crash. brand new video shows the moment a magnitude 6.3 earthquake rocked the city of wellington, new zealand. >> might have a bit of a earthquake going on here. very large earthquake going here. >> the video was taken during the middle of a race at a dog track. it was damaged homes and shook lose an eagle statue hanging in the middle of the airport. a massive statue to promote the movie "the hobbit" fell from the ceiling. >> pot is not more dangerous than alcohol that's what the president thinks apparently during an interview with the new yorker. president obama weighed innen oh hot topics.
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we are live with what the president said including why he compared al qaeda to a jv basketba basketball team. >> the president gave an unusually wide ranging interview in november during a west coast fundraising swing. the article was appeared yesterday in the new yorker. he made a sports comparison about fallujah. the analogy we use around here sometimes if a jv team puts on lakers uniforms that doesn't make them kobe bryant resorting to an uncharacteristically flip analogy. that's his own words in the magazine. in an interview published around martin luther wing day the president said this about race. there is no doubt there is some folks who just really disbike me because they don't like the idea of a black president. the flip side of it is there are some folks and maybe some white
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folks that really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt because i am a black president. waging into the culture wars as you mentioned the president commenting on marijuana. i smoked pot as a kid, and i view it as a bad habit and a vice not different from cigarettes that i smoked as a young person p. i don't think it is more dangerous than alcohol. the president said if he had a son he wouldn't let him play pro football. >> a lot of response to this article coming out on-line people on twitter outraged. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> image this. time to choose a health insurance policy you end up talking to a pottery sales man. that's what happened to people in maryland trying to sign up for obamacare. the state health exchange mistakingly listed their heallp line as a 800 number for a seattle based pottery company. the health exchange has been plagued with abuse adding this
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to a long list of problems. a federal judge shoots down a gun sales man fan. the chicago's fan on firearms sales is unconstitutional. the city has 180 days to come up with a new law governing gun stock stores. they need to figure out zoning and licensing for the new stores. they are home to some of the toughest gun laws in the country. it leads the nations in workers. new allegations about new jersey governor chris christie. members of christie's team said her town would only get aid from super storm sandy if she backtracked a development project. mayor dawn zimmer met with officials for hours detailing the allegations. why wait until now to come forward? >> i didn't think any one would believe me. i really didn't. looking back i probably should have come forward. i didn't think any one would believe me.
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if i came forward no one believes me i am going to put hoboken in an even worse position. >> christie's person says the claims are categorically false. he spent the week in florida on a fundraising trip. today we celebrate the life of dr. martin luther wing jr. as the nation reflects on his legacy a brand new interview with the civil rights surfaced. it sheds light on the fein call jfk made to king's wife more than 50 years ago. it is believed the president's phone call expressing concern under doctor king's arrest in 1960 helped get him released. although appreciative he wasn't as quick to credit the kennedys alone with getting him out of jail. the kennedy family did have some part in the release but i must make it clear many other forces were to bring it about also. the tape cause discovered in an attic in tennessee. >> for the first time the george
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w. bush library archives open to the public. they will take a freedom of information act request starting today. today marks five years since the end of president bush's presidency and by law the record must be made available. ride along rolls over the competition at the box office this weekend. >> show me that you are worthy. >> how fm i suppose to do that? >> take you on a ride. today is your training. >> the buddy cop comedy featuring kevin heart and ice cube debuted with $41 million making it the number one movie in america. navy seal drama "loan survivor" came in second. $23.2 million. and this third the animated flick "the nut job" with $20.5 million. >> well, it won't be the polar vortex apparently but the cold making a bitter return to much
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of the country this week. >> arctic air expected in the northeast and the west. some of it bringing snow. maria molina in the weather center tracking all of it. good morning, maria. >> here we go again. another arctic front moving into the midwest and northeast. not too bad in places like another city. 44 degrees 42 in louisville. you aren't going to be in the single tdigits in marquette and far go. the cold air moving to the 20's for highs and single dig get high temperatures. chicago, buffalo, marquette and the city of far go. we are looking at dangerously cold temperatures. these are actual temperatures. below zero in chicago. in marquette the actual low temperature is 1 degree. then you have to factor in the wind those windchills will be cold in parts of carolina georgia and tennessee.
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this arctic front is going to be coming with a shot of snow. we have winter storm watches in effect. this is expected to start as we head into tomorrow and tomorrow night. we have winter storm watches from new york city to washington, d.c. all of the way down to western north carolina as much as 8 inches possible in some areas. dc area looking at as much as five inches of snow. i want to mention the drought continues in california. heather, patty ann not ex nexting any rainfall in the up coming forecast for this area. >> maria molina, tanks. >> polar vortex, take two. the tidow find it tough gettingp in the morning? why the sleeping patterns could be inherited. >> one direction band member sings the praises of duck dynasty and gets backlash for it. what willie robinson says about the fallout. oh!
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>> newly released cell phone video shows how chaotic it was as robbers smashed through a jewelry store. as there is actually screaming going on. they ran for cover from gun shots. it was sledgehammers breaking jewelry cases. five suspects took off with 65 roll ex watches worth more than 700,000 dollars. >> was it at the store right next door to us. i was like okay they are coming over here i am going to go find a bathroom that no one knows about and i am going to lock
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mile self in there. >> no one was hurt. the robbers are still on the run. >> denver might be liquored up, too. in an effort to fight the crowds they are considering keeping bars open until 7:00 a.m. currently bars close at 2:00 a.m. it would cut on the number of people who are out on the streets when the bars let out. a string of random attacks have led them to consider the change. >> less amount of people getting out of work at 7:00 a.m. >> the leader of one direction tweeted a support for the family and had a firestorm of outrage on-line. >> good morning kelly. oo t >> good morning to you as well. it is all a twitter between leeann cane one direction and willie robertson.
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>> that's the popular british boy band one direction thrilling audiences wherever they go. one direction member hitting a sour note with fans after sending this tweet to duck dynasty star willie robinson huge love to you and your family huge respect for your business prosperities an the family values you still all behold. si big fan. some thought payne was homophobic by giving support to the family. fill robertson expressed his views about homosexuality. one direction is support of the show very confused and disappointed by this william payne tweet. this literally changes everything. one direction star fired back
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against his critics in a twitter tirade saying being a fan of someone's show and the way they still hold their family together doesn't mean i am okay with all they say. duck dynasty willie robertson to payne tweeting thanks bro. congrats to you boys as well. ya'll keep rocking we'll keep quacking stay strong in this muddy world. duck dynasty saw a drop in the viewers for the premiere only 8.5 viewers tuned in. that's a huge number of viewers for the cable show. last year in season 4 the show drew 12 million viewers. >> two things. like how you say ya'll. thank you for getting that one direction song stuck in my mind for the rest of the morning. thank you so much. >> all right. >> and it is time for your monday motivator. a story to inspire you to start your week off.
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take a look at this dashcam vid video. it will melt your heart. a boy playing football by himself. the police officer kept ongoing but instead he stopped his car and got out and plays catch with him. >> at that time we both connected he began to throw the football. you can see that i honestly tried to get him to go long. we were playing a came of catch. it was cool the public was able to see what really police officers do on a daily basis. >> awesome. the rosenberg police department later posted on facebook, they posted a video. a two-game of football might not mean anything to some it could mean everything. totally true. >> the time now 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up a widespread cheating scandal rocks the city in philadelphia teachers accused of manipulating the test results.
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>> welcome back. cheating in schools are usually done by children, right? now teachers are a part of it. they were fired after they launched a criminal investigation into 138 of the city's teachers. the teaching allegations say teaches at 53 schools manipulated exam scores beginning in 20009. they blame pressures by
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officials to raise test scores. >> they treat 10,000 children of overdoses of cold medicine. the fda and consumer product safety commission should require flow restrictors on bottles. the device costs less than a dime and could be on store shelves within a year if mandated federal consumer officials. >> like it or not our parents still telling us when to go to bed. experts believe our genetic makeup determines whether we are early or late risers. people who have a fast clock like to do things early. those with a slow clock prefer doing things a little bit at a later hour. the internal clock is reset every day by light and understanding what time a person functions best can help us live more healthily.
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>> if it takes you or your partner 45 minutes to get to work your marriage is 25 percent more likely to fall apart. >> you can worry less if the commuter is a woman. men who have a long commute are more likely to bail on a relationship than women. >> is your commute taking a tole on your relationship? you can send us your comments on e-mail or twitter. we will share some of your responses later in the show. >> i bet someone with a long commute decided to do that. >> the time 26 minutes after the hour. prince charles one step closer to the crown. why the heir to the throne is taking over some royal responsibilities. >> a stunning image captured on camera. what had this image of three sons looming in the sky? mine was earned in korea in 1953.
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>> msit is monday january 20th. brand new videos is the olympic games may be a site of terrorists. >> he has been held in north kree gnaw for more than a year. what american kenneth bae is asking the government today. >> a college party comes to an end when the ceiling collapses. with he will tell you what went wrong when "f"fox & friends fir
2:31 am
continues right now. ♪ >> good morning. it is monday january 20th. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am patti ann browne. it is 31 minutes after the hour. the super bowl championship is set the seattle seahawks and denver broncos are ready to play the big game. it was tom brady verses payton manning. manning has 400 yards through the air on the day. denver heading to the super bowl. in seattle the 49ers facing off against the seahawks. last chance looks to michael crab tree in the end zone but it is broken up by richard sherman and picked off. seattle wins 23-17.
2:32 am
it whether enough for sherman after the game he went off on a ramp against the niners retriever. >> i am the best one of the game. that's the rument you are going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> well, crab tree responded by saying sherman made only one good play. he went on to say quote he's a tv guy. i am not a tv guy. i play ball. >> with the super bowl match up set all eyes are on new jersey and new york. fox sports is turning times square into super bowl boulevard. they began building the stage for their broadcast. soon there will be a toboggan ride and field goal kick and more. looking forward to that. >> new terror threats targeting the sochi olympics. are we doing enough to protect americans making the trip. we have the mounting security
2:33 am
concern concerns. >> a new terror threat puts the olympic games in the cross hairs. we are going to show you a still image from this recent terror video just released. we believe it shows two islamic militants believed to be two suicide bombers responsible for some of the recent attacks targeting russia. they promise their group will target events in so muchi and t specifically threatened tourists. the united states are worried about safety of athletes and spectators. they are working with the russian counterparts. that cooperation may be strained at best. congressman mike rogers is the chairman of the house intelligence committee. >> this has been a tug of war. people are pushing and pulling on this. this shouldn't be this difficult. it is in everyone's interest including the russians to share that information with our
2:34 am
security forces so we can make sure that our activities are -- our athletes and participants are safe when they go to sochi. >> the fbi is sending agents to the game the wall street journal reports this morning there will be just 40 of them that is fewer than the number of agents in london, greece, china and italy. back to you guys. >> doug luzader joining us live with the details. thank you. >> now to another alert. an american missionary held a prisoner in north korea making an urgent plea for help. kenneth bae surfaced for what he called a news conference held at his own request. bae was arrested while leading a tour group. they accused him with crimes against the state and sentenced him to 15 years of hard labor. he hopes the u.s. will do everything they can to secure his release. >> hamid karzai amping up the
2:35 am
anti bhern recei-american rheto. he will not consider signing a security deal to keep troops in his country. he demands the u.s. resume peace talks with the taliban this after the third american killed during a deadly terror attack is idea god is not dead fied. alexandra peterson a professor at the university of afghanistan had just arrived in kabul. he was killed friday when a homicide bomber set off a blast outside of a restaurants. two other americans were hurt a -- 18 others were hurt. the country has halted the most sensitive nuclear activity and is diluting the stockpile of uranium. they agreed to tush the enrich. program. the u.s. hopes they will stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon. this lasts six months as they
2:36 am
attempt to have a final plan. >> brand new video showing the moment a magnitude 6.3 earthquake rocks the city of wellington new zealand. >> we have a bit of an earthquake going on here. a very big earthquake. very large earthquake going here. >> the video taken in the middle of a race at a local dog track. the quake strong enough to damage some homes and shake lose this giant eagle statue. you can see that in a moment right there. it is hanging in the middle of a wellington airport. panicked travelers started running as a massive statue promoting the movie "the hobbit" fell from the ceiling. no injuries have been reported. >> pot isn't more dangerous than alcohol, at least that is what the president thinks apparently during an interview with the new yorker president obama weighed in on hot topics. steve sent any is live with what the president said including why he compared al qaeda to a jv
2:37 am
basketball team. >> good morning. that's right. the president gave an unusually wide ranging interview with david rennic with new yorker. he made a sports comparison about the al qaeda faction which ceased fallujah in iraq. he rights this quoting obama. the analogy we use around here sometimes and i think is accurate is if a jv team puts on lakers uniforms that doesn't make him kobe bryant resorting to a uncharacteristically flip analogy. also in an interview published around martin luther king day which is food officially the president said of race, there is no doubt that there is some folks who just really didn't like me because they don't like the idea of a black president. the flip side of that is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like
2:38 am
me and give me the benefit of the doubt because i am a black president. >> culture wars he commented on marijuana, too. i smoked pot as a kid. i view it as a bad habit and a vice not different than the cigarettes i smokeds as a young person. i don't think it's more dangerous than alcohol. if he had a son he wouldn't let him play pro football. >> steve sent any li/* -- steve centanni live for us. jay leno will end his tonight show run with his first ever guest. >> improved. the build up for this, you know, has been tremendous. i just want to say, i am going to miss you. >> that was billy crystal appearing on "the tonight show" may 25th, 1992. he will return as the last guest
2:39 am
to help leno in his 22 year hosting gig. other guests include betty white. matthew mcconaughey, blake shelton and lyle lovett. jimmy fallon will take over the duties on the 17th. his first guest will be will smith and youtube. >> crazy video out of russia including three sons. it is a son dog when the sun reflects off of ice crystals creating two additional bright lights. this video was posted yesterday on live week. it has already gotten 27,000 views and counting. >> that's amazing. it won't be a polar vortex but cold weather phenomenon or something making a better return to much of the country this weeks. >> arctic air expected northeast and the west. some of it will bring snow. maria molina will have the terminology for us right now. >> good morning.
2:40 am
i think it's safe to call this antarctic cold front. this will be sweeping southward and producing temperatures that are very cold kind of similar to what was earlier this year but nowhere near as bad as it was across parts of the midwestest or the northeast. a couple degrees warmer. today temperatures don't look that bad. in new york city we are looking at a high of 44 in louisville. in chicago upper 20's. but then comes tuesday. like chicago, buffalo,ve south marquette, even in far go only in the single digits. you have to factor in the wind and windchill temperatures much cooler than that. actual tuesday night low temperatures in the single digits and below zero in cities like chicago. it will stay cold even as we head into wednesday night. wednesday night in far go your low temperature, your actual temperature will be 20 degrees below zero. factor in the wind and windchill even worse than that. this will be coming in with a shot of snow across parts of the
2:41 am
mid atlantic as we head into tuesday even up into the northeast. we are under a winter storm watch across the mid atlantic including areas as far south as north carolina all of the way up to southeastern massachusetts as much as 4-8 inches in the area if you are in the new york city area and dc you are also under that watch. be careful on the roads coming up tomorrow. this will be mostly heavy during the afternoon hours tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you for the warning maria. appreciate it. welcome back. >> the time right now 19 minutes until the top of the hour. a college rager goes hoarily wrong an apartment floor collapses underneath party goer's feet. how students were able to escape unscath unscathed. >> why staples is finding itself in a battle with big labor.
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>> welcome back. we celebrate the life of dr. martin luther king jr. many will remember the civil rights leader at the church where he once preached. aj reporter kaelyn pratt is outside of the church in atlanta. >> many here consider it to be the cradle of the civil rights movement. this is behind me the kings center right across the street from ebb needer baptist church. this is a popular spot for reflection through out the year. the holiday marking would have been his 85th birthday. across the street as i mentioned ebenezer baptist church hundreds are gathering to commemorate his
2:46 am
life. they have already cordoned off the streets in the area. thousands expected just in this neighborhood. the major message we are told his daughter will share today at church a message of nonviolence. she says relevant more than ever because of the recent school shootings. no trucks fired no verbal fights today. back to you. >> kalen pratt, live for us thank you. britain's queen elizabeth will start turning over some of the responsibility to the son and heir prince charles. these changes mean the prince will do less campaigning for various charities and do more public work on the queen's behalf. the queen will turn 88 in april will mark 62 years on the throne on february 6th. >> heather the city of san
2:47 am
francisco is being rescued from paying the cost of staging a special day. philanthropists are picking up the city's 500,000 dollar tab for miles scott to fight villains through out the city back in november. the lab grat day was made by the make a wish foundation. some people are not happy about that. diane macedo joins us now. >> that's right. seems the cash strapped u.s. post office found a new way to make extra money but not everyone is happy about it. particularly the unions. the pilot program launched in november has u.s. retail stores in 80 staples stores in california, massachusetts and pen pen pennsylvania. the move is rivaled by kinkos and ups store and makes it
2:48 am
easier to use priority and certified mail. they have protests and boycotts. something labor officials say replaces good paying union jobs with low wage nonunion jobs. if the program expands it could siphon the business away from nearby post offices taking more jobs from postal workers and possibly privatizing the whole agency. donahoe says the union leaders have it all wrong saying we have no interest in privatizing the postal service. we are looking to grow our business to provide customer convenience to postal products. if the u.s. continues to refuse they aim to pressure staples customers and shareholders to take hear business elsewhere. >> the time now is almost 10 minutes to the top of the hour.
2:49 am
if you thought the knockout trend was over think again. a new report out today about the latest victim will have you outraged. >> this pup shedding 15 pounds with the help of her foster family. we will tell you how she did it. right now healths check in with brian kilmeade. >> good morning. welcome to the week. let me tell you what's coming up on ow show. we have super bowl 48 now set. we will do post game interviews different. also on the show a man trying to save his grocery store from being ceased by his own town. how he is fighting to save it. an assemblyman proposing banning kids from playing tackle football under the age of 14. he's here to explain with his helmet on. we will have donald trump live and nsa director michael hayden. please put something on. we are almost ready to start. this helmet isust torture on my hair.
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an elderly man in dallas is the latest victim of the knock-out game. police say the 74-year-old was pummelled outside a deny's restaurant. the manager found him lying face down and bleeding in the parking lot. many people in this community in texas are now on edge. >> i thought it was scary to think that you can't go out at night. >> we're going to be on our toes. but you know you have to be on your toes all the time, even in the daylight. >> well, this attack came just weeks after another attack a block away in dallas. police believe they are linked. they're offering a $20,000 reward. well, the police didn't break up this wild college party at the university of kentucky. about 100 students were packed in the tiny apartment when the
2:54 am
floor collapsed. luckily the girls in the apartment below got out just in time. >> it was a huge party upstairs. they started bouncing. then it all just crashed. just the ceiling crashed. we all just ran out. >> they were very lucky. no one was hurt. and now this, a doggy diet success story to tell you about. this 3-year-old corgi mix lost 15 pounds. now he's ready for a new home. the pup was dropped off at the arizona humane society in phoenix. she's now down to 24 pounds thanks to a special diet, water aerobics, along with other exercise. she looks great. all right. time right now, six until the top of the hour. file this one under dumbest criminals ever. this thief tried once, not twice, over and over again to get through this glass door.
2:55 am
wow. and is your commute killing your marriage? according to a new study, it is. we're sharing your stories up next.
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two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. new terror threats have surfaced targeting the sochi olympics. terrorists promising attacks against tourists. those games now less than three weeks away. the super bowl matchup is set. the seattle seahawks facing off against the denver broncos in super bowl xlviii. the big game airs on fox, february 2nd from new jersey. and today we celebrate the life of martin luther king jr. in just a few hours, a memorial servic begin at the ebenezer baptist church. now the good, the bad, and the ugly. first, the good. peyton manning's charity for at-risk youth getting a donation from eight nebraska companies
2:59 am
that forked over $500 every time manning shouted "omaha" during the game. next, the bad, a liverpool soccer fan didn't flinch when one of the players fell into the stands in front of him. instead, he took advantage and whipped out his camera, taking a picture. >> finally, the ugly. a not-so-bright man trying to rob a store by breaking a glass window using a rock. well, he tried nine times, but the rock broke, not the window. he eventually gave up and walked away. and it's time for your brew on this responses. a any study shows your marriage is 40% more likely to fall apart if it takes you or your partner more than 45 minutes to get to work. robert tweets us, my commute is 30 miles, but i drive my semih 2700 miles before i go home at week's end. married 30 years. and susan says the commute long or shot has nothing to do with the strength of a marriage. silliness. thanks to everyone who
3:00 am
responded. i'm patty ann brown. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning. it's monday, january 20th. i'm elizabeth hasse. was it just another speech without action? we report, you decide. >> meanwhile, new details this morning revealing edward snowden may have had some help from russia. >> i don't think it was a gee whiz event look that he ended up in moscow. >> are national security secrets in enemy hands? we're going to talk about that. and the stage is set for super bowl xlviii. broncos, seahawks, and the mouth. >> well, i'm the best one in the game. when you try me like crabtree, that's the result you going to get. don't yo


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